Gentleman’s Scarf

So this scarf is probably my favorite thing that I have crocheted so far.  I made this for my boyfriend and he got so many compliments on it, even though he didn’t want to model it for me for this post ;P  I think that this was great for my boyfriend because it does not look so feminine as other crocheted projects can be. I actually found this pattern on YouTube.  For me, it is so much easier watching videos and following along, especially if the video is very well done.  So I put the link here for the video and for those who do better reading the instructions I also put the written instructions below.  Now the woman in the video did 21 rows, but I did only 14 rows to give it a narrower look.  She gives guidance in the video so you can determine how you would like to make it. Good Luck!

Gentleman’s Scarf Video Instructions

Gentleman’s Scarf Written Instructions

gabi blog 3
Here is a close up of the scarf! It has 7 different unique rows and it was really fun to make
gabi blog 4
This is another perspective of the scarf!

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